The psychological and social impacts of acquaintance rape on the victim

Does the patient have someone to stay with her over night? Victims of crimes often suffer from a host of emotional reactions.

Effects and aftermath of rape

Types of secondary victimization include victim blaming and inappropriate post-assault behavior or language by medical personnel or other organizations with which the victim has contact.

Some women have an "expressed" way of showing their emotions, such as crying or weeping; whereas, others may have a more "controlled" manner of expression, appearing calm and subdued. Rape can be categorized in different types: The patient must be informed that certain questions have to be asked, and why it is necessary to ask them.

First, the non-resistance may be used against them in court; and, second, new research shows that women who physically resist an assault by a stranger have a good chance to avoid being raped. Was a police report filed? In some cases, GBL has been allegedly administered by applying it to jewelry that is designed to break presumably to prevent overdose.

Victims undergo medical examinations and are interviewed by police. Experts often refer to this as rape trauma syndrome. Data from the mean scores of the concepts in the Semantic Differential were analyzed using Hotellings Multivariate Test of Significance.

Acquaintance rape

Avoidance behaviors serve as a psychological defense against severe anxiety and tend to be long-lasting. Rapists are known to use victim blaming as their primary psychological disconnect from their crime s and in some cases it has led to their conviction. The hypothesis that victims assaulted by acquaintances would have a lower index of fear than those assaulted by strangers was supported.

Unfortunately, the family and close friends of these women may not believe her due to the common perception that date rape victims and victims of other types of rape should react hysterically to the event. It has also been proposed by Roxane Agnew-Davies, a clinical psychologist and an expert on the effects of sexual violence, that victim-blaming correlates with fear.

In societies where denial, sexual stereotyping and pervasive double standards exist, victims of male-male, female-male and female-female rape often suffer double victimization when they seek support from legal, medical, and psychological professionals.

To actively defend oneself and physically and verbally resist the perpetrator decrease the risk for completed rape by a stranger. The patient must be informed about examinations and tests that will be done and why to document injuries and secure evidence.

These can be described as personal crises where the victim relives the fear, agony or anxiety, mixed with emotional numbness. May occur as an attack or during private parties.

Effects of rape and aftermath

Some research indicates that the consequences of spousal rape are longer-lasting than stranger rape because it is perpetrated by a trusted individual whose trust is now also damaged. Secondary victimization[ edit ] Rape is especially stigmatizing in cultures with strong customs and taboos regarding sex and sexuality.

As a result, women are less likely to report rape This mind-set is partly a result of an unconscious conviction that those who behave appropriately will escape trouble, which also strengthen our own sense of security and control. Typology is best distinguished by the setting in which the attack takes place e.

Therapy may be necessary to help the victim work through the traumatic experience. They are somewhat salty tasting, but are indiscernible when dissolved in beverages such as sodas, liquor, or beer. In addition, the rape victims are often beaten up and tortured during and after the rape, which might even lead to losing their lives in some cases.

Both styles of expression have a common thread:The term, acquaintance rape or "date rape" refers to rape or non-consensual sexual activity between people who are known to each other either platonically or sexually.

These particular instances of sexual assault take place during a social interaction between the rapist and the victim hence the name date rape.

Effects of Sexual Violence

The Psychological Impact of Rape Victims known to the victim) and that assailants use a variety of tac- (legal, medical, and mental health systems and rape crisis centers), but see Ullman (, ) for reviews on informal support.

November American Psychologist Abstract. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of acquaintance rape versus rape by a stranger on psychological distress, fear. Sexual violence can have psychological, emotional, and physical effects on a survivor.

These effects aren’t always easy to deal with, but with the right help and support they can be managed. Learning more can help you find. acquaintance assailant [23].

The Psychological Impact of Rape

“The Rape Myth Acceptance Scale Psychological Effects on the Victim Emotional and Psychological Consequences of Rape: self-blame, difficulties in social and work adjustment and sexual functioning, fear, anxiety, depression, and PTSD [].

The study of the psychological impact of stranger rape has been a con- cern of clinical psychologists for some time (Burgess & Holstrom, ). Victims of stranger rape have been found to experience disruption of fam.

The psychological and social impacts of acquaintance rape on the victim
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