Story writing all that glitters is not gold

The notion of equality before the law is taken seriously. The city was crowded with lots of people and there were vehicles on the road everywhere. At the time of interview in an multinational company, all the candidates come in very well formal dress but it is not compulsory that they all are having enough knowledge and experience, which is required for expected job, thus we can say that all that glitters is not gold.

Quality consciousness of people has edged out many spurious goods from the market. We cannot imagine the inner truth behind the glossy outlook of anything or person from very far.

A person with sharp observation can find the hidden good or bad quality inside that man from very far. To sell something, we always try to make it beautifully packed whether its inner quality is as per expectations or not.

All that Glitters is not Gold Essay 5 words Introduction: The brave and the earnest princes pursue these witches through all sorts of hardships and trials, put their lives at grave risks and ultimately succeed in killing the evil ones and restore the princesses to freedom.

Thus, it is very difficult to recognize people just by seeing the outer beauty. Though we might say face is the index of the heart, there are so many methods to hide the face reactions. That appealing new job prospect may turn out to be too arduous and stressful for instance.

Soap and tooth paste used by charming actresses and dashing sportsmen sell like hot cakes. On this proverb, we are here providing five essays in simple English language, useful for all people. All that glitters is not gold! Thus it is an old saying that all that glitters is not gold.

Essays are useful for all people including the students of high classes. Same as, it is not compulsory that person with dirty clothes or ugly features is not beautiful from heart too. The red headed camel was very popular among the people of the village.

This world has now become the place of artificial beauty where each and everyone want to look attractive and glamorous in front of others either they have pure soul or not.

The camel felt so lonely there. Thousand of clams we can found from sea but only some of them contain the real pearl and others are just wastage. All that Glitters is not Gold Essay 4 words Introduction: God has blessed us with different inner and outer beauty and no one has right to judge it accordingly.

Like shining glass pieces which dazzle and glitter like diamonds the appearance of men can be greatly misleading.

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Feb 12,  · Story - All That Glitters Is Not Gold Story: [All That Glitters Is Not Gold] Short Story on "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" OR"Do Not Find Fault With The Ways Of God" I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article. Reply Delete.

Replies. Reply. Leslie Lim 12 February at His theme today was, all that glitters is not gold.

Short Story

“In these times”, he said “people value money, more than they do human beings. We are easily seduced by flashy cars, nice clothes and ostentation. “All that glitters is not gold,” said Wise Owl calmly. FOLLOW US was established inand since then we have successfully completed numerous short story and poetry competitions and publications.

Long Essay on All that Glitters is not Gold.

Paragraph on ‘All That Glitters is Not Gold’

In this category, two essays are given with and words count. Both the essays contain detailed description on this phrase “All that glitters is not gold”. All that glitters is not gold" is a well-known saying, meaning that not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so. This can be applied to the people, places, or .

Story writing all that glitters is not gold
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