Religion a choice for all people

For all these virtues there is a common source, modesty of speech. It was not a decision that you came to, but a realization. Please note that all users are free to respond to top level comments.

Over time, they tend to either die out, or become more established, mainstream and in less tension with society. This was not without internal opposition, and Thomas Morewho had been his Lord Chancellor, was executed in for opposition to Henry.

In France, from the s, many attempts to reconcile Catholics and Protestants and to establish tolerance failed because the State was too weak to enforce them.

Religion a personal choice, not a forced belief system

Because this religion if I may be allowed to use the termis based upon a person and His work done on the cross, not our work. I was reluctantly dragged there until my Confirmation where I vowed that I would continue to practice Catholicism. There was no one who could accuse him of any wrongdoing so they had to make up lies.

Furthermore, let's define free will in the Open Theist sense as the ability to make equal choices between options, regardless of a person's sinful nature. Compatibilist free will holds that a person can choose only that which is consistent with his nature. It was presented to Charles V in They take ideas from the pre-existing religions, and try to improve on them to make them more popular.

Please help improve this article by checking for citation inaccuracies. The Bible only is infallible. It took the victory of prince Henry IV of France, who had converted into Protestantism, and his accession to the throne, to impose religious tolerance formalized in the Edict of Nantes in This is what I call the leaky bucket syndrome.

Religious intolerance[ edit ] Nineteenth century allegorical statue on the Congress Column in Belgium depicting religious freedom Most Roman Catholic kingdoms kept a tight rein on religious expression throughout the Middle Ages.

People could worship as they wished freely and openly. Because our knowledge of these cultures and the past depends upon documentation that is far less adequate and evidential than the evidence we have for Jesus and the Bible.

No such word existed when it was written, so this is a crucial question to ask and seek to answer well.

One must, on the contrary, render to other creeds the honour befitting them. They are choosing to relent to the things that in all of our lives, never can be chosen.

Theorists assert that a true religious economy is the result of religious pluralismgiving the population a wider variety of choices in religion. However, the movement continued to gain ground in his absence and spread to Switzerland.

God knows this and this is why He asks for us to exercise faith. Christianity can be proven to be true because it rests on the claims of Christ. He loved people more than anything in the world as He came to die so even his enemies can be forgiven.

If monotheism and strict rituals appeal to them they can become Muslim.

Is Religion A Choice?

Before typing the word "hello," I pondered which word to write. He lied to no one even when it meant saving His life.And on your analogy between food choices and one’s choice of faith, I’d like to point out just how vastly different is the choice to eat animal products from one’s choice of faith.

Just believing in a faith or atheism is a personal decision that does not necessitate harm to others. I've always been puzzled by the notion held by some people that if God knows what we are going to choose in the future, then we don't really have free will.

They say that if God knows we are going to make a certain "free will" choice, then when it is time for us to make that choice, because God.

Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Rather, the beliefs people tend to be "proudest" of are those which they also say no one can deny.

If no one can deny something, then it isn't a choice to believe it. Similarly, we can disagree with the Queen and say that if something is impossible, then choosing to believe it.

Ignorance is bliss; it’s easy to preach under the safety net of your cradle-raised religion, but it’s harder to question what we don’t know as tangible truths. My trip to the Westboro Baptist Church confirmed my distrust in the constructs of religion.

Religion a personal choice, not a forced belief system.

Religion Quotes

By Ally Stone on February 6, 2 Replies. but being at Tech I have met so many new people, from so many different backgrounds.

I have learned that there are many beliefs out there, and the root that binds them at its origin is a belief in some higher power and our fear of death.

Religion a choice for all people
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