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Revised and extended edition. The public is also invisible and not audible. In the conclusion to this section it is important to highlight some differences, especially between the two currently most popular SNS, Facebook and Twitter.

The traditional public of broadcasting media still fits the definition given by Gabriel de Tardeas Arvidsson underlines: Four planes of development essays Four planes of development essays research paper gang activity in schools. The emergence of a phatic media culture as theorised by Miller and the rising of a network society Castells, contradict those sociologists who fear that computer—mediated communication may shape a generation of increasingly lonely individuals Putnam, ; Turkle, Representation of age in the media essay about radio Representation of age in the media essay about radio 5 stars based on 39 reviews Bourdieusian theory and historical analysis essay.

The radio is indispensable in flying aeroplanes and sailing ships. Finally reputation enhances the enjoyment of participation. And if emotions and opinions are no longer invisible or private, they are measurable. Radio content in the digital age: He was one of the contributors of the recently published book Radio content in the digital age: SNS provide a platform to put our social capital off—line and online relationships on stage.

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To this day we can observe every day the overlapping of these different publics. Radio is a medium of communication. The new intimacy between radio and its public emerging with SNS is reshaping the notion of public and radio production practices.

The possibility of calling the radio station from a public place with a mobile phone transforms the role of the audience: The fourth phase, the networked publics one, is the last stage of a historical trajectory starting, according to Benjamin, with the invention of electric media.

When can we still speak of co—creation and when does cooperation become free—labor exploitation Terranova, ; Fuchs, ; Formenti, ?

Listeners at least a small part of them have become producers of themselves and online platforms like Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Audioboo, Spreaker, Jelli Radio and others perfectly embody this principle.

Much has been written about the ambivalent status of this content as a source of both intrinsic reward and potential exploitation Andrejevic, The reputation and trustability of each single listener belonging to the network of a radio programme contributes to the general reputation of that specific networked public, and, due to the transitive property, it constitues the reputational capital of that radio programme.

It is the end of the public as a mass that is blind it cannot see the source of the soundinvisible it cannot be seen by the transmitterpassive it cannot take part in the conversation and insensitive it cannot manifest its emotions towards the speaker.

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It was fascinating to watch in the radio essay how the electromagnetic. Doing radio in the age of Facebook. Seventy years passed from the publication of Arnheim’s essay on radio to the invention of Facebook. In that famous book, Radio: An art of sound, Arnheim () noted radio’s distinctive characteristic, the sightless nature of listening, the mutual invisibility between transmitter and receiver.

As he wrote, “radio organises the world for the ear”. Representation of age in the media essay about radio.

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Radio can transmit messages all around the world instantly, and the message can be received in any part of the globe.

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