How to write a diary entry about someone else

Hong Kong War Diary

The ice tea is, from this angle, on the top side stage right. I then noticed a path of petals starting from my door.

I know now how harmful rumors can be to other monsters, especially when they're about my friends. The coffee, via tap water and food coloring.

'My heart's going to explode.' Darts legend Eric Bristow's final diary entry

I must admit I did not get to see his performance at all during the weekend, as I am otherwise occupied during that scene. So I might have been a bit on edge when I went to pick Frankie up. I learn a lot from these two ghouls - we even rehearsed a mad double move that sends Robecca through the defence like a rocket.

Aside from his literary work, he kept an in-depth diary of his experiences during the war. We all are very happy. The other mansters were taller, faster and stronger than me and tried to intimidate me by throwing me on the ground and walking all over me, but I never complained. The day our big chief invited me to the cave of memories to draw my story.

Blue Gnumies are a little sad and grumpy. If I'd known highshool was going to be so ferociously clawsome, I wouldn't have worried to much. Some girls were optimistic that the schools would reopen in February but others said that their parents had decided to shift from Swat and go to other cities for the sake of their education.

There are shops selling bangles, ear rings, lockets and other artificial jewellery. Several companies and governmental organizations adapted this approach and licenses in the following years, for instance flickrDeviantART [60] and Europeana using or offering CC license options which allow remixing.

They said that they were sick and tired of hearing the Bunair story. I turned my head and felt a soft and warm muzzle pushing me. And the deadliest battle of the entire war was at Stalingrad, where a five-month bloodbath turned the tide in favor of the Soviet Union.

When I was a boy I was going to play at last! Heather, another top-notch actor, has been as funny in the rehearsals for this run as she was in the first run.

I actually didn't know about the first time till later. I have not had the fortune to have seen her in any of her many other performances throughout the years but I am told she is always fabulous and I am of the mind to believe it.

She's had very little rehearsal -- and, she will switch to the role of La Vonda Dupree for next week's shows. Most items are from the prop cellar at the Guild, but the little carving of the Texas map, with the small trophies on its little platforms, was provided by actor Sarah Gomes.

Two of them are this time. Tue, July 12, I had planned to hang at the Mawl with some friends, mostly members of the casketball team. Donald Smith is back as G. I did not participate in the construction of the new set, however, I did help a bit with the set dressing, providing both props from my home and doing a search for many of the Guild owned props we use.

I only realized when we got to the shop that I had forgotten my pen. Medium close up of bar, favoring stage right angle. It really pissed me off that I left the actors, Cynthia especially, who has the lines referring to the tea, stuck on stage without a necessary tool. Software and other digital goods[ edit ] Software as digital good is well suited for adaption and remixing.

I was happy to hear that because our English teacher lived in the area and she might be coming to school now. Although his family was opposed to the conflict, he had no way to escape the draft.Sarah's Diary is the story of a teenage girl caught up in a world full of unanswered questions and inconceivable loss.

The premise of the story is interesting, but the outcome could have been better. Kevin and I took a week to jet off to Maui and explore tropical vibes with had been a while since we traveled anywhere, so I was excited to show Kevin Maui, lay out, eat yummy seafood and literally do nothing but enjoy each other.

NONA MOVIE SHOOT UPDATE: Got an email response from director Stephen H. Smith on July 3. He likes my ideas so we are going to give them a try. I'll be a few days unshaven -- am right now, in fact.

I have also settled, as I mentioned before, on the Louisiana accent. Edit Article How to Write a Journal Entry. In this Article: Article Summary Sample Entries Journaling for Yourself Journalism for School Community Q&A A journal can be a chronicle of your daily activities, a summary of your most intimate thoughts, or simply a way to.

Welcome to Hong Kong War Diary - a project that documents the defence of Hong Kong, the defenders, their families, and the fates of all until liberation. Edit Article How to Write a Journal Entry. Three Methods: Sample Entries Journaling for Yourself Journalism for School Community Q&A A journal can be a chronicle of your daily activities, a summary of your most intimate thoughts, or simply a way to keep yourself on track while you complete an assignment.

How to write a diary entry about someone else
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