Economic condition of pakistan essay

Followings are the facts about Pakistan Economic Problems, Pakistan economic outlookPakistan economic forecast and Pakistan Economic future in For example, its literacy increased by five percentage points from 51 to 56 between andwhile corresponding increase in the country was eight per cent, from 45 to 53 per cent.

The demographics of the country are such that 60 percent of the people are below the age of 30 which provides the country with an excellent opportunity to move this demographic factor to its advantage.

In Naushero Feroze, reflects the conditions in the riverine zones on the banks of the River Indus.

Socio Economic Conditions of Pakistan

Tax evasion is common. However, the poor and rural inhabitants of Pakistan are being left behind. The escalating terrorism has reduced foreign direct investment FDI as well as local investment to a record low level.

Economy of Pakistan

It is also the case with our industrial sector. Pakistan has grown much more than other low-income countries, but has failed to achieve social progress commensurate with its economic growth. Whoever came; came without any specific agenda and direction. Not surprisingly as a result the Pakistani government was under major financial stress.

The depreciation of rupee causes inflation and price hike therefore putting things, even basic food items, beyond the reach of common people.

There are hardly any social benefits such as unemployment benefits for the people. It shows the gravity of the situation. The individual interests must not shadow the national interest. A close collaboration and coordination mechanism must be devised for the government departments and non-government organizations so that maximum output can be gained from inputs.

We have never made any proper planning to meet the needs of our future. Their collective effort can turn the apathy into productivity. Neither individual nor nation can become successful if they do not abide by the rules and regulations of the state and society. This is one question that the World Bank tries to answer in the context of sound economic policies of the federal government.

The internal and external debts have been increasing since forever as enough goods are not being produced locally.Nov 09,  · Poor economic condition is the root cause of so many problems that exist in a society.

Unfortunately, Pakistan’s economic conditions are pathetic. As if power crises, lack of foreign investment for the development of industrial zones, backward and out-dated technology were not enough, Pakistan’s indulgence in war on terrorism served as a.

Find out about current and projected economic growth in Pakistan and compare the data with other developing countries in South Asia. Economic condition of Pakistan For the past few years Pakistan has been following the technique of assessment of domestic oil value against the international oil value on a fortnight basis.

About 85% of the oil required for domestic uses in Pakistan is imported. Back in the year various subsidies were given by the government [ ]. Socio Economic Conditions of Pakistan. June 25 Poverty remains a serious concern in Pakistan as a large segment of the population lives in poverty - Socio Economic Conditions of Pakistan introduction.

According to the rebased GDP numbers, the per capita income comes to US$ The article initially provides a brief overview about current political situation of Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country and it is politically unstable but we live in the world where everything is possible.

Below is an essay on "Macro Economic Condition in Pakistan" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Business Cycles in Pakistan: Since its Inception the Pakistan has observed four major business cycles.

Economic condition of pakistan essay
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