A comparison of william blake and william wordsworths poems with the written word of god

The fact that Wordsworth takes care to vividly conjure an image shows that he is aiming to promote the beauty of nature. Rather, through the salvation of his own imagination, which allowed him to engage in right-thinking and proper actions, he was his own Christ.

The new London not only lost its innocence, but it lost its happiness. If you are a student, teacher, educator, peace activist or just someone who cares and wants to help, please read How Can We End Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide Forever?

An Analysis of “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth

Sweet babe, in thy face Soft desires I can trace, Secret joys and secret smiles, Little pretty infant wiles. A state of competition was established with this new capitalist reform of the city, and people left their morals behind to be part of it.

Its citizens were living in better conditions, there were no factories to bring pollution, and there was no ambience noise from the nonstop machinery. Though the morning was cold, Tom was happy and warm; So if all do their duty they need not fear harm.

Wordsworth comments on the situation from a simple standpoint and does not involve God or a higher being; however, Coleridge makes the situation more intricate by involving God.

In addition, this source will allow me to examine the men as friends and co-workers, and that can help me to see if either of those two relationships affected the other. It is for these reasons that Samuel Taylor Coleridge remains a pillar for the Romantic era of poetry.

He is seen by many as one of the great synthesisers of cultural experience, attracting a myriad of followers with interests ranging from literature, painting, book design, politics, mysticism, philosophy, mythology through to music and film making And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand!

These sacrifices and mistakes led to an end of innocence for the grand city. We can determine the values that William Blake believed in, by what he said in the following quotations: The similarities between them often overshadow their individual achievements, ideas, and styles.

Crying weep, weep, in notes of woe! It is bad because at times the background information can be too in depth and that is distracting.

It seems as if Wordsworth gains confidence as his writings progress, for later in Lyrical Ballads he goes one step further: I love and admire him for that. He describes meetings with the poor. In a pride of lions the dominant male gets the choicest meat and a harem of females.

My mother taught me underneath a tree, And sitting down before the heat of day, She took me on her lap and kissed me, And pointing to the east, began to say: He was a modern Prometheus, shaking off the chains of orthodoxy and authoritarianism, to seek the holy inner fire of passionate imagination.

Both of these authors had different styles, but one thing was certain in their writings, London was a despicable place. This is the text that we used in class and it provided me with brief biographical information about Coleridge and Wordsworth.

Today I believe we need another William Blake: Firstly, he physically dedicates a large proportion of his poems to making careful descriptions about nature. I am reminded of the Dalai Lama saying that his religion is kindness. One must remember that William Wordsworth was a pioneer of the Romantic poets, and poetry of this sort was extremely new, and different from the aloof works of Alexander Pope and others of the sort.

In the past, a king might have been judged, to some degree, by how he treated the men who "mattered. We all want to change the world.

Rhyme Scheme — ababcc — the rhyming couplet at the end of each stanza produces a natural break to go along with the natural break caused by a new stanza.

Comparison and contrast between Blake and Wordsworth’s views Essay Sample

In lines Wordsworth makes the link between nature and the industrious cityscape. He recorded having visions of angels and said that he saw and conversed with the angel Gabriel, Mary, and various historical figures.

So I consider Blake a poet of great force, in terms of social change. If the first poem seems hopeful, it may be simply because children are inclined to be hopeful, due to their innocence.

Comparison and contrast between Blake and Wordsworth’s views Essay Sample

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. There are a few major themes that the two poets focus on in both of the poems, the first and arguably most prominent is landscape. But perhaps his greatest enduring legacy is his tender empathy for children, and his fierce, passionate defense of them.

Bring me my arrows of desire: After Blake, poets like Alexander Pope would often seem conventional and dull, for all their talent, skill and dexterity.The voice of the poet is that of the ancient Bard and that also of the biblical prophet who has heard the "Holy Word," the word of God.

Assuming the role of the prophet and the Bard gives the modern poet a sense of biblical authority to speak on matters sacred and profane. The Notebooks of William Blake [written circa William Blake and William Wordsworth were two of the most influential of all of the romantic writers, although neither was fully appreciated until years after his death.

They grew up with very different lifestyles which greatly affected the way they as individuals viewed the world and wrote about it. WILLIAM BLAKE William Blake was born inthe third son of a London tradesman who sold calgaryrefugeehealth.com lived in London which dominated much of his work.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Contrast to William Wordsworth

He was a British poet, painter, and engraver, who illustrated and printed his own books. He spent most of his life in relative poverty.

The two poems ‘London’ and ‘Composed upon Westminster Bride’, offer differing views on the city of London. Blake presents London as lifeless, dismal and monotonous, whereas Wordsworth’s London is. Compare the impression of London in William Wordsworth’ Westminster Bridge and William Blake’s London The two poems, ‘London’ by William Blake in approx.

and ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, ’ by William Wordsworth, are both written about London; yet each poet shows different views on the city and both have very contrasting viewpoints.

Blake’s poem contrasts greatly with the more upbeat mood of Wordsworth. Blake’s point of view in his poem is the sorrow encountered in modern day London which is the polar opposite of that of Wordsworth. Blake looks towards the present situation of grief, and his poems reflect that sentiment.

A comparison of william blake and william wordsworths poems with the written word of god
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